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Recording resolution

Starting version 1.3 you can change recording resolution. Simply tap resolution label in settings to see few options:
- High (starting value, best resolution)
- Medium
- Low
- 4K (3840x2160 - requires iOS9, iPhone 6S or newer. application version 1.4 or newer)
- 1920 (px width, probably same as High)
- 1280 (px width)
- 960 (px width)
- 640 (px width)
- 352 (px width)
Not every option will work on every device, for example settings 1920 won't enable full HD on iPhone 3GS. 
Restarting application will set it to High (best possible, but not 4K if your phone support it).
Change is visible instantly, but for sure restart recording to see changes.

Please note that some resolutions, that aren't in the same ratio as screen is, will be disorted on right and left of the screen - it just looks like this to fill video on screen. Recorded video is not disorted. That's not bug - it's feature. We do not want to leave black bars on the sides of the image

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